Friday, April 9, 2010

My experience at SFSU

So far my experience at SFSU has been ok. My main focus in this school is to get an education. Since I live close by, most of my friends are still the same ones from high school. I go here for school and leave. I don't participate in any of the school activities. I think its a lot different for the people who dorm or come to SFSU from far away. I have classes everyday and I drive here everyday.
The application process for SFSU was very easy. My SAT scores were high enough and my GPA was above the average acceptance rate so I didn't worry about getting accepted. After I found out I didn't get into the UC schools I wanted to, I felt a lot of stress about getting into SFSU because that was my only choice. I wouldn't be able to afford to go into any other state school and community school was not an option for me. Blum described the application process for Notre Dame to be very stressful. I could compare to this because the application process for UC schools were a lot more stressful for me because of the Personal Statements required. I also felt a lot of pressure and stress for applying to college because both my parents and grandparents all went to college in Ukraine.
When I go to parties its not really celebrating for sports victories. The parties around here are mostly held because people want to have fun with each other. I think Notre Dame is overall a more conservative school because it's private and catholic. SFSU is liberal and a public school.