Monday, March 1, 2010

"Inventing the University"

In Bartholomae's article, one of the main ideas was the difference between "reader-based" writing and "writer-based" writing. I think that "writer-based" writing is more of an authentic-self because the writer is not writing for a specific audience. He or she is writing to show what knowledge they have or to express themselves. "Writer-based" writing is not written to a commonplace. I think "writer-based" writing could also be general knowledge.

I think reader-based writing is intended for a specific audience. "Reader-based" writing is more of a performance-self. The results are important in this kind of writing because you are giving it to a specific audience that probably already has some knowledge about your subject. Its more difficult to write reader based than writer based because you have to know more about the audience and figure out how to relate to them. Reader based writing has a lot to do with audience awareness too. You have to know who your writing is meant for.

My way of "inventing the university" is by going to class and getting an education. I am creating or "inventing" my own career at SFSU.

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  1. That's true that reader base writing is more of a performance self